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Vera Voce was born from the passion of founder and world-renowned tenor, Jermaine Smith whose life changed drastically on a ride home from a high school football game. On this magical ride, Jermaine began to clown around with the band and decided to spoof an opera singer. Knowing no Italian, he bellowed, “I want some piiiizaaaa! With mozzaarelllaaa!” The teacher, Mr. Dello Thedford, turned around in amazement and told him he had the potential to become an opera singer and that he would be seeking a program for Jermaine to join. The next year Opera Theatre Saint Louis started its Artists-in-Training program and true to his word, Mr. Thedford got Jermaine into the program.  

Jermaine Smith became the program’s first scholarship winner.


Someone believed in him and exposed him to a world he would have never known existed and he has a mission to ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience the music of unfamiliar genres and to enrich lives through the beautiful world of performing arts. 


Vera Voce Music offers programs to expose youth to areas of the performing arts industry with guest speakers and vocal instruction to all.  

"If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it!"

Jermaine Smith, Founder of  Vera Voce Music

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire all to discover their, "vera voce" (in Italian) or "true voice".

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Our Mission
Teacher with Pupils

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide exposure to the wonderful world of the performing arts. Vera Voce Music understands the impact the arts can have, especially on our youth. We're committed to offering programs that will inspire young minds to cultivate and achieve their dreams.

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Vera Voce Music

Vera Voce Music inspires all to discover and cultivate their passion by finding their “true voice”.

Phone: 636-379-2317

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