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“EXPOSURE”  is a program developed to enlighten and broaden the horizons of children, kindergarten to 12th grade through the arts. The program has three standard offerings.

02 Set

“SET” is a 30-50 minute private lesson in voice, spoken word, rap, or public speaking. This program provides guidance in proper technique and practice to enhance participants’ gifts. 

01 Ready

“READY” is a 50-minute program where participants engage with artists virtually or in-person to hear or see artists perform. Artists share personal stories of hardships and how they have persevered to become successful.  In addition, artists will facilitate interactive workshops and Q&A sessions. This program extends to areas outside of the arts and includes additional professions i.e architects, engineers, HR, doctors, lawyers, etc. 

03 Go

“GO"  is a series of sessions, no less than 10 hours, where participants create an original musical. Participants are taught to create a show from beginning to end. Participants are grouped by area of interest and collaborate with other groups to create their very own production. Areas of interest include actors/actresses, singers, costume, design, wigs/makeup, set design, props, backstage crew, music composing, and scriptwriting. Leadership, collaboration, and performance skills are enhanced through this component.

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Jermaine Smith, Founder of  Vera Voce Music

Vera Voce Music

Vera Voce Music inspires all to discover and cultivate their passion by finding their “true voice”.

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